Student led renovation of the Secret Garden

Sustainability by Arboretum at ASU on March 21, 2012 at 4:05 PM
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There are several Campus Harvest trees and shrubs located in the Secret Garden. There is the Burro banana, White Sapote tree, passion fruit vine, White Guava and the famous Seville sour orange trees. In the spring lavender and orange blossoms perfume the air. But the tropical trees, shrubs and flowers in the Secret Garden are under constant stress due to an old, worn out irrigation system. Inefficient sprinkler heads spray water onto the sloping planters that in turn drain down into the underpasses beneath the building. The entire system needs to be replaced with a solar powered system. Planters need to be dug out and ASU compost worked into the worn out soil. A tier one SIRF grant could help jump start funding for this project

I need students that are interested in this project to contact me at the Arboretum at ASU booth at the next Tempe campus Farmers Market on Orange Mall just west of the MU fountain.


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