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Solutions I Support

  • Communities
    By Itzel L on Sep 27, 2011
    Try to end the encouragement of puppy mills by encouraging people to go adopt dogs at animal shelters, by doing this the number of dogs in shelters...
  • Health
    By Danielle I on Oct 24, 2011
    For every water bottle sold at any of the ASU campuses, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to an organization that is working toward providing...
  • Communities
    By cassidy b on Oct 24, 2011
    My solution to avoiding the risk of having to drive home from the various weekend events with a friend, or yourselft, who has been drinking or...
  • Health
    By Sasha N on Oct 24, 2011
    Provide students and faculty at ASU, and soon other universities, with better quality foods and healthier choices.
  • Health
    By Zachary B on Oct 24, 2011
    Our idea is to install hand sanitizer pumps at the light rail stations and the stops for the ASU shuttles to provide a way for people to avoid...
  • Sustainability
    By Bianca P on Oct 25, 2011
    During my sustainable cities class, I learned that people waste a lot of water. The water is wasted the most from taking a shower or leaving the...
  • Education
    By Suzanne M on Oct 11, 2011
    Suzanne McKechnie Klahr is CEO and Founder of BUILD ( BUILD runs the nation’s largest youth incubators with the mission to use...
  • Communities
    By Gregory B on Oct 24, 2011
    I intend to propose a Walk for donation intended for the Tempe Unified School District to help eliminate part of the burden of costs for education....
  • Education
    By Jessica T on Oct 24, 2011
    A good solution to the paid parking problem facing students at ASU is to have the parking machines that charge your credit card, to simply charge...
  • Communities
    By Sage A on Oct 24, 2011
    Our goal is to implement comedy programs in schools to create a happy, safe environment for kids to come and show off their comedic skills. There,...

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