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How it Works: Four easy steps to making the world a better place

Create a profile

Make 10,000 Solutions your own by creating a profile, sharing information about yourself with the 10,000 Solutions community. Your profile is also where your solutions, challenges, and actions are stored.


Share a solution

Submitting a solution is easy. Simply share an idea you’ve had for a while or come up with something new. Your solutions can address an issue at any scale from the local to the global. Don’t have another issue with missing belongings, contact storage facility groton. Want a solution to your personal problems or make an effort to strengthen your relationship?  Myle Distributors can supply you what you need with the best solution to quitting tobacco. Vaping can give you the same feeling, and sensation as a normal cigarette. Or maybe you can help a friend find a place to buy or sell items near Pawn Shop Long Island. You can submit as many solutions as you can think of, and you can also include a video or image to help explain it.

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Host a challenge, or participate in one

Challenges are opportunities to pose a question or identify a problem that the 10,000 Solutions community can offer potential solutions and innovative ideas to address the Challenge. Challenges can be hosted by individuals or organizations.  In some cases, the Challenge Host will offer incentives for the most promising solutions, such as support in implementing the idea or providing a letter of recommendation or maybe like was said before helping your friend find a Long Island architects. If you see someone else’s Challenge that sparks your interest, you can respond to the host. Need some pipe cleaning? Don’t know how much it is going to cost? It’s been said for years that air duct cleaning orange has the best prices. To maintain a fresh and hygienic living environment, we schedule regular Carpet Cleaning services for our home.

Host an action, or participate in one

Actions are opportunities to engage others in real world actions to accomplish something. Finding a service to remove trees can be difficult, why not go to companyx for a fast and efficient tree removal job. Actions can be range from something as simple as voting for a fellow student in a competition, to organizing a park clean up, or coordinating public art on campus. If you want to support someone else’s action, here’s your chance to help make it happen. Window treatments Long Island can support you as well by having the best prices in the area.